I love the production process, because it’s all about details. The right lighting or the proper lens can make or break a shot. I have worked with large production teams to produce content and I produce content from start to finish by myself.

Video Resume

The easiest way to get a flavor for the projects I have worked on is to check out my video resume. My video resume almost exclusively features clips that I shot and music that I composed, recorded, mixed and mastered. All of the motion graphics clips are projects that I created.

Vital Energy Promo

This is a project I worked on with Josh Pies and Andrew Manzano (we work together as JoeBono.com) for Vital Energy. DeVille Vannik and Charles Moreland were the action stars and planned all of the stunts for this spot. I helped shoot, designed the comic animation, and directed and produced the VFX shot where DeVille tosses the bottle of Vital Energy to himself. I worked on all of the shots that required sky replacement and I handled all of the color correction. Andrew Manzano and Josh Pies also shot, and co-directed this project. Manzano did all of the music mixing and sound design.