Video, Photo, Music, and Beyond

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This year holds many great opportunities to work in the areas of video production and post-production, photography and photo post-processing, audio and music production, music composition, and educational/instructional video tutorials and courses.  This year, Dave will be working to produce more photography and photo post processing training for He is just finishing up a 22 part course on green screen photography!

Dave will also be continuing to produce regular content for Composing music and audio production is one of the things Dave loves most. This year he will be using new tools, plugins, libraries, and skills to help teach others the art of audio and music production! Dave is also working to produce a few special projects this year for some local artists that will also be featured on!

Dave and the team will again be working with  on some special produciton videos. The series produced for them last year has been very well received!

We will be working with Josh Pies and Andrew Manzano on several great corporate projects as well! We are starting a project next week that will be sure to impress!

Stay tuned for more great projects and production updates!

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