Bode at Adobe Video World

I was honored to speak at the 2016 Adobe Video World in Seattle, WA! I got to speak after legends like Rich Harrington (@rhedpixel), Jeff Greenberg (@filmgeek), and Cheryl Ottenritter (@Ch_rylO). My sessions on Mixing Audio For Mobile & Web, Custom Transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro Built in After Effects, and Editing Music in Adobe Premiere Pro were a lot of fun!

Can I speak at your event? Absolutely! I put a lot of time preparing for presentations and incorporate the latest in gear, software, and techniques as well as standard practices.  Let’s do this!

Already using some techniques from #AdobeVideoWorld specifically from @editblog's pancake timeline and @davebode on sample-accurate editing.

Brian Sarfatty @PerfectFitPost

Use your new music skills with BeatEdit. Helps you locate where the beats are. - @davebode #AdobeVideoWorld …

Premiere Gal@premiere_gal

Bode at Entube Center, Qatar

In 2015 I taught a basics of editing in Adobe Premiere to a small group of Qataris in Doha, Qatar.  I have been all over the world (China, Kazakhstan, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, and Mexico), but I had never been to this part of the world! I had a fantastic time teaching the webinar and the 2 day in-country class!