Composing for Media


Note: I will be talking about myself in the third person on this page.
David Bode is an American composer for film, ads, and web content. In the last few years, David has composed music for MINI, BMW, EdgeFactor, VH1, Discovery Networks, and more! David like to say, “Composing music is one of the joys of my life.”
Using a combination of “old-school” recording of analog instruments and a world-class collection of sound libraries, David creates music that is perfect for any project.  Need a Hollywood blockbuster sound? Got it. Need something to sound like a 90’s grunge band? No problem. How about creating music out of car sounds? …. …. Easy.

Music from car sounds? Yes.


In 2016, David worked with Partners + Napier and MINI to create 40+ ringtones made exclusively from MINI car sounds. These ringtones are not a grab-bag of sound effects, these are musical and technical wizardry that transformed dozens of sounds into clever pitched instruments and pulsing percussion.
David went to NJ to record all the MINI car samples including, door slams, trunk noises, window motors, button sounds, every beep and boop the cars made, high performance engine and exhaust noises, and much more! These samples were taken back to David’s secret lair and tortured until the god’s of music were pleased. Just kidding. These recordings were editing and manipulated so they could be used in a musical context while retaining their original character.
The finished tracks were given to the team at Partners + Napier and used in a really slick website that users can visit and download tracks. There are 5 “Hero ringtones” and then 35 tones that the visitors can build themselves by selecting sounds. These create your own tracks are all pre-produced, but through the web experience the visitors feel like they are creating the tracks themselves, which is fantastic! Check out the site to hear the tracks!

Tones for BMW


In 2015, David worked with Partners + Napier and BMW to create custom music ringtones for BMW. These sounds and tones focused on the BMW 3 series. This project won a Addy award for Partners + Napier!
Check out music from the project here:

Composing and Producing Demo


Most of David’s music is composed using sound libraries and virtual instruments, but he also has a 21′ x 21′ x 10′ studio recording space and a separate mix/tracking space for recording special instruments. David has also created several unique percussion libraries that no one else has! These include deeply sampled unique and traditional percussion instruments like chopsticks, shakers, cymbals, and huge cinematic impacts.